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It is a business law firm dedicated to providing legal services to individuals and companies.
Brazilian and foreign, in various sectors of the economy

Preventive law
Security in all aspects


In preventive law, the office provides all the traditional legal advice as preparation of opinions and responses to inquiries in criminal law, insurance, corporate, commercial, civil, labor and social security, as well as analysis and drafting of contracts, cool structuring business and operations in general.

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Litigation law
Management at National Level


The firm provides also business litigation services, specifically tailored to the administration of large volume of cases in high strategic value or high admission rate of new processes, including litigation management nationwide.

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Competence, Agility, Reliability


Also consider fundamental values healthcare and family, knowing that we reflect in our work the balance achieved in our body / mind and the relationship with our family, friends and colleagues.

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We try to keep both the actions of our professionals and the relationship with our customers, values such as:
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In addition to these units, partners with other offices and prestigious professionals.
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The firm works in administrative and judicial litigation in all areas of activity by sponsoring active and passive requests:
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